Celltreat Scientific Products 2020 Catalog

CELLTREAT ® Freeze Cryogenic Vials

CELLTREAT Freeze Cryogenic Vials are designed for storing biological • material at temperatures as low as - 196˚C, in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen Available in round bottom or self-standing options • Self-standing re-sealable bags offer a unique storage solution • Accessory items also available Easily color-code samples with colored cap inserts (see page 40) • Easy-Grip Workstation Rack and Storage Boxes available to hold • and store CELLTREAT Freeze Cryogenic Vials (see pages 39 - 40) External thread cap features integrated leak-proof seal, a long skirt for easy one hand aseptic methods, and a thread design allowing it to be removed or sealed with a mere 1¼ turn 1 Internal thread cap prevents contamination and uses O-ring silicone seal to ensure positive seal at any temperature 2 Caps have textured ridges to improve grip when wearing gloves 3 Cap Inserts available in 10 different colors to easily color-code samples 4 Contrasting black graduations are large and easy to view 5 Large white marking area for writing also provides backdrop to enhance black graduations (see page 39 for details) 6 Self-standing bottoms interlock with Easy-Grip Workstation Rack (Part No. 229941) enabling easy one-handed opening 7








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