I. W. Tremont 2020 Laboratory Products Catalog


These staggering numbers are just some of the ways in which I.W. Tremont specialty and technical materials are trusted for some of the most critical processes and procedures.

During the last 12 months I.W. Tremont materials have:

Performed over 28 million cell harvesting procedures helping further the progress in cancer and genetic disease research. LIFE SCIENCES Performed 40 million water quality test procedures helping ensure the purity of the water you drink. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Performed 48 million food and beverage quality assurance tests helping ensure your nutritional health. FOOD SAFETY Performed 100 million trace detection tests in airports helping to ensure the safety of your air travel. DEFENSE & HOMELAND SECURITY Tested 800 million cubic liters of air in and around nuclear power generation sites for radioactivity helping to ensure the safety of your power generation. RADIOLOGICAL Filtered over 1 billion cubic feet of air in heavy industrial manufacturing factories ensuring the safety of the employees and efficient production of goods. INDUSTRIAL Performed critical filtration in vehicles traveling 125 billion miles in the USA alone helping ensure safe reliable transport of goods. TRANSPORTATION Performed 200 million rapid blood tests helping ensure your health. MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS

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