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Standard Opening Crimp Top Vials, 12x32mm, 11mm Crimp Finish Big Mouth Crimp Top Vials, 12x32mm, 11mm Crimp Finish Snap Ring Crimp Top Vials, 12x32mm, 11mm Crimp Finish Snap Seal Vials, Patented, 12x32mm, 11mm Crimp Finish C16 Standard Opening Screw Thread Vials, 12x32mm, 8-425mm Neck Finish C21 RAM Large Opening Vials, 12x32mm, 9mm Neck Finish C26 Big Mouth Screw Thread Vials, 12x32mm, 10-425mm Neck Finish C33 Shell Vials, 12x32mm, 12mm Plug C37 Versa Vials, 12x32mm, 9mm Opening C39 Snap Ring Vials, 15x45, 13mm Crimp Finish C41 C1 C5 C10

WISP Style Screw Thread, 15x45mm, 13-425mm Neck Finish

C44 C48 C50 C53 C57 C61 C65 C68 C70

Shell Vials, 15x45, 15mm Plug

Shell Vials for Waters WISP, 8x40mm, 8mm Plug

Dram Vials

Headspace Vials and Accessories

Injection Port GC Septa Crimpers & Decappers

Specialty Vials Specialty Items


96-Well Multi-Tier™ Micro Plate System Aluminum 96-Well Micro Plate System

B1 B8

Sealing Film for Cell and Tissue Culture, ELISA, EIA, & Similar Assays B18 Sealing Films for PCR and Cold Storage B19 Molded Sealing Mats for Standard 96-Well Microplates B24 8 and 12 Channel Reservoir Trough Plate for Multi-Channel Pipettors B26 Polypropylene Plastic Pasteur Pipets B27 Cell Lifter B28 Freezer Boxes Freezer Boxes B29

Snap Seal™ Vials and Snap Top Caps™ for 96-Well Multi-Tier™ MPS B10 Snap Seal™ Vials and Snap Top Caps™ for 96-Square Deep Well Microplates B11 Glass Inserts and Molded Mats for 96-Square Deep Well Microplates B12 96-Well Plate with Glass Inserts Designed for HTC B14 Sealing Films for 96-Well Microplates B15

Filters and Membranes

Syringe Filters

F1 F6



Membrane Filters




VOA Vials - Open Top Closures and Septum


Laboratory Grade Plastic Bottles Narrow Mouth Septum Bottles

E28 E30 E32 E34 E35 E38

Amber Glass Wide Mouth Packers

E11 E15 E21 E25 E27

Boston Round Glass Bottles

Wide Mouth Septum Jars

Clear Glass Straight Side Wide Mouth Jars - Short and Tall

Wide Mouth Straight Sided Polypropylene Plastic Jars

High Density Polyethylene Wide Mouth Jars High Density Polyethylene Narrow Mouth Jars

PTFE Cap Liners and Solid Top Closures

Environmental Packaging

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