J.G. Finneran 2020 Chromatography Consumables Flip Page Catalog, Purchase Finneran Porvair Products

1986 1985 History of Innovation

1987 Patented Capsule Holder


100μL Polypropylene LVV with 8mm Thread and 11mm Snap Ring TM Finish

100μL Glass/Plastic LVV with 8mm Thread and 11mm Snap Ring TM Finish

Limited Volume Inserts with Bottom Springs


1990 11mm Snap

1990 Patented Top Hat TM Closure Assembly for 8mm, 13mm and 24mm Finish

1990 Limited Volume Inserts with Patented Top Springs TM

2.0mL Big Mouth Vials with 11mm Crimp Finish

Top Caps TM and Polypropylene Snap Top Caps TM for GC Testing

1991 StepVial with Step Inserts


1993 Ampule Storage Holder

1990 Top Seal TM Closures for 8mm, 10mm and 13mm Finish

2.0mL Big Mouth Vials with 11mm Snap Ring TM Finish

Patented 2.0mL and 4.0mL Snap Seal TM Vials 1995

1994 8mm PE Snap Plug Lined with Silicone


Patented Poly Crimp TM Seal with 11mm and 20mm Finish 1995

8mm, 12mm and 15mm Starburst Conical Snap Plugs

8mm Snap Top Caps TM 1997



1996 11mm and 13mm Snap Top Caps TM

Snap Racks TM for 8mm and 12mm vials

Graduated Marking Spots for all Sample Vials

for Shimadzu Autosamplers

Vial Loader 2001

1997 Scallop Packs TM and Convenience Packs

Patented 96-Well Multi-Tier TM Micro Plate System 2000

1.5mL Polypropylene Versa Vial TM 2002

2.0mL Glass Versa Vial TM and 12mm Versa Vial TM Plug 2002


1.5mL Polypropylene Vial with 8-425mm Screw Thread, 9mm Thread and 11mm Snap Seal TM Finish


Aluminum Micro Plate System 2006

Vented Aluminum, 96-Well Base Plate 2005

Patented 96-Well Pattern Blue PTFE Sealing Film, 2mil and 5mil Thick 2003

Patented 12mm x 32mm Vista Vial TM with 8-425mm Screw Thread, 9mmThread and 11mm Snap Seal TM Finish


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