Laboratory Supply Distributors 2018-2019 Catalog

O u r c u s t o m e r s a r e i n n o v a t o r s w h o e x p l o r e c h a l l e n g i n g d e s i g n c o n c e p t s t o o p t i m i z e n e w a n d e x i s t i n g s c i e n t i f i c a p p l i c a t i o n s .

Serving the life sciences industry since 2001, Seahorse Bioscience is the leader in contract manufacturing of microplates for biological research and drug discovery. Our customers include scientists at academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, as well as OEM manufacturers of assay kits and lab instruments suppliers.

C O M P O U N D M A N A G E M E N T • H I G H - T H R O U G H P U T S C R E E N I N G • D N A A N D R N A P U R I F I C AT I O N P C R C L E A N U P • S O L I D P H A S E E X T R A C T I O N • C H R O M AT O G R A P H Y

Design: Solid Works


Injection Molding: Class 100K Assembly: Class 10K

Testing & QA



THE CHALLENGE To utilize the Seahorse 384 filter plate, change the drip director design to accommodate Illumina’s equipment, and deter- mine the appropriate membrane support for the addition of derivatized controlled pore glass (CPG) media, to accomplish the greatest yields.

THE SOLUTION Designed and fabricated a new drip director that could be used with the existing 384 filter plate. Sampled a variety of membranes due to the flexible plate design. Designed and fabricated dispensing equipment to ensure uniform CPG bead heights, and con- sistent volume distribution. Developed fritting equipment to prevent the CPG from escaping out of the wells during shipping, and dispens- ing of organic solvents without preventing the flow of solvents. THE RESULT A 384 well filter plate, made from natural polypropylene, glass fiber bottom filter, filled with derivatized controlled pore glass (CPG), and capped with a square, hydrophilic PE frit and extra long drip directors.

PE Frit

CPG Glass Fiber Filter

Custom Long Drip Director

TIMING 10 weeks

VOLUME 20,000 plates/year

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